Specializing in feed additives especially alternatives of antibiotics.


In recent decades, with the extensive use of antibiotics, the harm of antibiotics has become increasingly prominent. In order to reduce the harm of antibiotics to animals and humans, more and more countries have banned or reduced the use of antibiotics in animals. Antibiotics replacer of feed additive products is also more and more popular. RENGTY is committed to the research and promotion of natural products, to provide healthy and safe feed additive products for the vast number of feed additive traders, feed mills and farmers. Only when make animal eat healthier and safer, human life will be better and better! To this end, we will provide the best solution for animal nutrition, health and safety.”


Rentai Import & Export

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Jinan Rentai Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Jinan Rentai Import & Export Co., Ltd. Located in Jinan (Spring city), beautiful environment, convenient transportation, just 480 kilometers away from Beijing. We are specialized in providing healthy and safe animal feed additives. Over 15 years devote to feed additive products, especially focus on animal antibiotics replacer. 

"Make animal eat healthier and safer" is our pursue and the goal. As a professional supplier of feed additives, we are committed to provide high cost performance feed additive products and the best solution for animal nutrition, health and safety to overseas feed additive trader, feed mill and farm. Over 15 years experience and professional service of feed additive products export, we export products to more than ten countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Europe and Middle East, and enjoy a good reputation among clients. Meanwhile, Customized orders, OEM and ODM orders are welcome.


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Provide the best solution for animal nutrition, health and safety


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Our products have acquired certificates of ISO9001, ISO22000, Fami-Qs, Kosher, Halal etc.


Rentai Import & Export

Focus on feed additives Make animal eat healthier and safer