Respiratory Health

Respiratory diseases in animals are rarely caused by a single infectious agent, but are often the result of an interaction between environment, stress, and a number of infectious factors.

Pathogenic microorganisms expel toxins from the rapidly multiplying metabolism, and these toxins stimulate the animal's lung tissue to secrete fluids to react with these toxins and bacteria. As a result, lung ventilation is blocked or the lung tissue becomes clogged, and air exchange is blocked, depriving the tissue of adequate oxygen supply. At first the animal breathes faster to compensate for the lack of oxygen, but if the lung tissue is blocked severely, it can die from suffocation.Animals that survive gain weight slowly and have a very low rate of return on feed because of poor appetite, increased breathing and energy expenditure during recovery.Therefore, respiratory diseases are considered to cause the greatest economic losses.

Except for use antibiotics, we provide some green antibiotics replacer products to ensure the health and safety of the animal respiratory system:

1. Oregano oil
2. Plant essential oil