Purify Solution

Water is the source of life, water is necessary nutrients to sustain life, is one of the most important supplies to keep healthy and production performance of animal, animal growth and reproduction is inseparable from the water, the water participated in all metabolisms in the animal body, water is not only the solvent of making the nutrients absorption, transport and metabolism and waste discharge, but also is chemical reaction medium in the process of metabolism, water directly involved in many chemical reactions.Water has three main effects on animals:

1. Water maintains the body's cellular structure and assists metabolism of animals.
2. Water transports various nutrients in the animal body and expels metabolic wastes from the body.
3. Water involves in regulating the acid-base balance and body temperature, and plays a lubricating role between organs.

Water facilitates chemical reactions in the body and acts as a transporter of nutrients in animal body. Water also plays an important role in keeping the temperature of animal stable. However, in the daily breeding activities, water pollution, waterline blockage, algae proliferation, groundwater pollution, surface water breeding pathogenic microorganisms, the situation is not optimistic.

In order to solve the problem of breeding environment and water pollution, and make the breeding environment healthier and safer, we launched a series of products:

1. Pond Cleaner
2. NH Clearer
3. Disinfection acid