Gut Health

Intestinal health is critical to animal growth and development.

First, the gut is the main digestive organ in an animal's digestive system. 100% of nutrients are absorbed through the gut, so without a good gut there is no nutrient absorption.
Second, the gut is animal body's largest immune organ. Nearly 80% of the body's immune cells are located in the intestinal tract, and 60-70% of the lymph nodes are located in the intestinal tract.
Third, the gut has the largest microecosystem.The intestinal (colon) is colonized by a large number of bacteria. The total weight of the bacteria living in the intestinal tract is 1-3 kg, and there are about 1 trillion live bacteria per gram of intestinal contents.
Fourth, the gut is also the organ most vulnerable to damage.Antibiotics, stress, toxins, and infections are common factors that damage gut health.One antibiotic is enough to destroy the normal gut flora for up to a year, leading to antibiotic resistance.

Maintaining intestinal homeostasis is an important guarantee for healthy breeding and improving animal production performance.

In order to keep intestinal health, RENGTY provide a series of products to solve intestinal problems:

1. Probiotics: Keep intestinal flora balance
2. Organic acid acidifier: Maintain an acidic environment in the intestinal tract
3. Plant essential oil: Kill intestinal pernicious bacteria
4. Yeast feed: Improve the immunity