ASF Solution

ASF (African Swine fever) is an acute, hemorrhagic and severe infectious disease caused by African swine fever virus (ASFV) infecting domestic pigs and wild boars.

In addition to antiviral effects, monolaurin can replace some emulsifiers as well as antibiotics. After a large number of farm trials in China, it has been shown that monolaurin can effectively prevent ASF. After repeated experiments, the usage solution of monolaurin Anti-ASF is as follows:

A.Routine preventive use:
1.Sow: Use it in full procedure of sow, which can increase farrowing rate, shorten parturition time, obviously improve piglets health.
2.Piglet: Use it when piglet will going to next field (easy to be introduced in poisoned pig easy , and easy to stress)
3.Pig: Use it when ASF broke out around (there is likely to potential infection in range of 3 km outbreak point)
Usage solution: 2 kg/t Monolaurin G60+ 1 kg/t APS+1kg/t liquid multi-vitamins

B.The pig farm of Broke out ASF
5 kg/t Monolaurin G60+ 1 kg/t APS+1kg/t liquid multi-vitamins, which can delay to break out (control virus dosage under breakout value), avoid more pigs to suffer ASF.

C.Other prevention and control measures are also recommended:
1.Use feed acidifier in water (ASF viruses can not easy to survive at pH<3.8).
2.The pigsty is transformed into a solid wall to avoid pigs continually continually contact.
3.Environmental disinfection
4.Feed from mash feed into pellet feed by high temperature killing poison
5.Strict control personnel hygiene and health.
6.Do not let any pig die in the pigsty. Early detection, timely cleaning, to avoid the whole group infection. The rate of infection is highest when pigs die in pigpens.
7.To detect early signs of infection, some pig farms use 1 week/month of carbaspirin calcium to distinguish bacterial from viral fever. If it's contained, it means the virus causes fever.