Bird Flu

Bird flu (avian influenza) is an infection caused by the influenza A virus that causes symptoms ranging from respiratory to severe systemic sepsis in birds. It is easy to circulate among birds, in the past in the folk called "chicken distemper", the international veterinary epidemic office will be classified as a class infectious diseases.

In addition to vaccination, usually can use more oregano oil products to prevent bird flu.

Oregano oil is mainly used to improve feed conversion rate, production performance and product quality by maintaining normal intestinal morphology and structure, enhancing digestive enzyme activity in the intestine, and increasing nutrient transporter protein expression in intestinal mucosa.Through the regulation of cellular immunity and humoral immunity, enhance the immune function of the body, prevent poultry diseases.In particular, by optimizing the intestinal microbial flora, it has a significant effect on the prevention of bacterial diseases of the digestive tract, and also has a good effect on coccidiosis and bird flu.