Mycotoxin Solution

Mycotoxin is a toxic secondary metabolite produced by mold in the process of growth and reproduction.

At present, more than 300 kinds of mycotoxins have been found, and the common ones in feed and raw materials are: vomitoxin (DON), zearalenone (ZEN), T-2 toxin, aflatoxin (AFT), Ochratoxin A (OA), etc.

These mycotoxins in feed cause great harm to animals:
1. Weaken the immune system, resulting in immune suppression, immune decline, poor disease resistance. Mycotoxin is an important inducement of high fever, swine fever and so on, causing repeated treatment or recurrence, immune failure.
2. Reduce the nutritional value of feed, mold reproduction will consume a lot of protein, vitamins and energy, animal appetite decline, anorexia, vomiting, slow growth, low feed conversion rate.
3. Interfere with metabolic process, inhibit protein synthesis and enzyme activity in carbohydrate and fat metabolism, cause liver damage, liver cancer, kidney disease, pulmonary edema and other parenchymal organ damage.
4. Causes the animal reproduction performance to decline, such as sow estrus irregular, abortion, stillbirth, vulva vaginitis, breast enlargement, breeding hens egg production reduced and fertilization rate decreased.

In order to better deal with and solve these mycotoxin problems, we launched mycotoxin binder and mould inhibitor series products:

1. Mycotoxin binder
2. Mould inhibitor