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Rhodotorula benthica


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Rhodotorula benthica

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RENGTY® Rhodotorula benthica is a single cell eukaryote isolated from marine mud, produced by deep fermentation technology after strict screening, culture and purification, rich in protein, vitamin, digestive enzyme, saccharides, astaxanthin, somatomedin factor and other active substances. This product has good palatability and comprehensive nutrition, non-toxic, does not pollute the water quality. It is a good initial feed for fish, shrimp, shellfish, sea cucumber and other aquatic economic animal, is also an excellent feed additive for ecological aquaculture.








Viable count (CFU/g)

20 billion (2.0x1010)

50 billion (5.0x1010)

80 billion (8.0x1010)

100 billion ((1.0x1011)


Light yellow



Reddish brown

Recommended dosage

2.5-5 kg/t

1-2 kg/t

650-1250 g/t

500-1000 g/t




≥300 μg/g

Key component

Rhodotorula benthica, Carrier




Slight fermentation odor

Particle size

More than 90% pass through standard sieve of 0.60mm

Loss on drying


Total Arsenic (As)

≤2 mg/kg

Lead (Pb)

≤5 mg/kg

Fluorine (F)

≤1000 mg/kg

Mercury (Hg)

≤0.1 mg/kg

Cadmium (Cd)

≤0.5 mg/kg

Microbial contamination rate


Coli group

≤100 CFU/100g



Total count of mold

≤2.0x104 CFU/g

Aflatoxin B1

≤10.0 μg/kg

Pathogenic bacteria



  1. Eliminate free radical, promote the production of antibodies, enhance the immune function of animal, improve the immunity and antioxidant ability, promote seedling health.

  2. Provide rich protein and vitamins nutrition to aquatic animal, promote the digestion and absorption of bait, raise the survival rate of aquatic animal seedling, improve feed efficiency, promote seedling growth.

  3. Increase feed intake, promote the rapid growth of animal, enhance reproductive capacity.

  4. Improve the aquatic animal quality, the meat is tastier, the color is brighter.

  5. Inhibit the growth and reproduction of other miscellaneous bacteria and harmful bacteria, lower the incidence of disease, reduce the dosage of antibiotics.

Working Mechanism

  1. Rich in natural pigment carotenoid such as astaxanthin, beta-carotene etc. Beta-carotene has strong antioxidant, can eliminate free radical, promote the production of antibodies, the color is gorgeous, can capture the light source. Astaxanthin is main pigment of Rhodotorula benthica. Astaxanthin has multiple physiology efficacy such as anti-oxidation, enhance immunity, improve anti-stress and coloring. It can effectively remove oxygen radical in cell, enhance the ability of cell regeneration, maintain the balance of the body and reduce the accumulation of aging cells, the ability of scavenging free radicals is 6000 times of vitamin C, and is 500-1000 times of vitamin E. Astaxanthin has three structures (levogyration, dextrorotation and meso-Tetraphenylchlorin). Astaxanthin from Rhodotorula benthica is dextrorotation, which has obvious effects on improving immunity, survival rate and staining.

1. Glucan and mannose oligosaccharides is the main active components of yeast cell, which can stimulate cellular and humoral immunity, promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.

2. Rich in abundant protein, B group vitamin and unsaturated fatty acid to provide affluent nutrient substance for aquatic animal, at the same time, it can secrete a variety of highly active digestive enzymes to promote digestion and absorption of feed, reduce the usage of enzymes.


Usage and dosage

This product is suitable for aquatic animal. It can directly mix with other bait and feed, or dilute it and splash it evenly. The following dosage is an example of 10 billion cfu/g. Other specification can be converted according to the content of CFU.

1. Used as bait for sea cucumber, shellfish, crab, shrimp, fish and sea urchin during their seedling stage, recommended dosage is 1% or 10 g/m3 water.

2. Used for parent cultivation, seedling preservation and cultivation of sea cucumber, coordinate it with normal bait, recommended dosage is 0.5% or 10 g/m3 water.

3. Used for prawn breeding, recommended dosage is 0.5%, mixed it with feed.


Packaging and storage


20g/bag, 200g/bag, 300g/bag, 500g/bag, 1kg/bag, 2kg/bag, 5kg/bag


25kg/bag, 25kg/drum, 20kg/carton or as requirements.


If 25kg/bag, 1000kg/40bag/pallet


One 20'GP can contain 10-14 tons if bag


Stored 18 months sealed in a cool, dry and airy place. Prevent from direct sunlight, heat and dampness, avoid stored with poisonous and harmful substances.


This product is forbidden to mix with fungicides and antibiotics.

Port of loading: Qingdao/Shanghai/Tianjin or any port of China as requirements
Delivery time: 10-20 days shipment after signed contract

By Express

By Air

By sea

By land

Suitable for under 50kg
Fast: 3-7 days
High cost
Door to door service
Easy to pick up the goods

Suitable for more than 50kg
Fast: 3-7 days
High cost
Port to port service
Professional broker needed

Suitable for more than 500kg
Slow: 7-45 days
Low cost
Port to port service
Profissional broker needed

Suitable for more than 500kg
When by sea can not arrive at you, you can select land transportation, by train or by motor

General speaking, EMS, TNT, DHL, UPS by express, by air and by sea is main shipping terms.
By express for quantity less than 50kg cargo, also called DDU service
By sea for quantity over 500kg
By air is available for above 50kg
For high value products, please select air shipping or DHL express for safe
If the cargo quantity is more than 500kg, but by sea can not arrive at you, please select land transportation, by train or by motor.

Rhodotorula benthica
Rhodotorula benthica powder
Rhodotorula benthica for animal
Rhodotorula benthica feed grade
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