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Organic Acidifier Palacid for Drinking water


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Organic Acidifier Palacid for Drinking water

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RENGTY® Palacid is a slow release organic acid by production process of ammonium and esterification for pig feed. Every particle acid contains equal acid component. It can inhibit and kill all kinds of mucedine, salmonella and escherichia coli etc, lessen antibacterial drugs usage, can substitute for part antibiotic in animal feed. It is safe as a natural feed antimicrobial, mould inhibitor and growth promoter, non-toxic, no harm, no side-effect, no drug residues and no drug resistance for animal.

Active ingredients

Active ingredients

CAS Number

Molecular formula


Formic acid 




Acetic acid 




Lactic acid 





Product name


Active ingredients

Formic acid, Acetic acid, Lactic acid, Other organic acid

Total organic acid





Yellow lucid liquid


Rich acid odor


MSDS, COA, ISO9001, ISO22000, Fami-Qs




100% soluble in water


Suitable for pig drink water


5kg/drum, 25kg/drum, 200kg/drum, 1000kg/IBC drum, or as requirements.


Working Mechanism of antibacterial action




Organic acids can be partially dissociated according to the acidity of the digestive tract. In addition to the H+ effect, some undissociated acid molecules are also involved. The degree of organic acids entering into the cells of pathogenic bacteria depends on the difference of pH concentration inside and outside the cells, and is also related to the molecular weight, solubility and polarity of organic acids. Generally, organic acids with small molecular weight, low polarity and strong solubility are easy to diffuse into bacterial cells.Its mechanism of action on bacteria as follows:

1. Cause the change of the bacterial cell membrane charge, so that influence of bacteria on the absorption of nutrients.

H+ is located in the lateral on bacterial cell membranes, OH- is located in the medial, resulted from the potential difference of the proton gradient bacterial cells can deliver nutrients such as amino acids, when not dissociation of organic acids into cells, reduce the intracellular pH value, the bacteria inside and outside the cell membrane potential difference is abate, thus affect on the absorption of amino acids and other nutrients.

2. Influence the activity of enzymes in the process of bacterial metabolism.

Organic acids can non-selectively interfere with the function of enzymes in bacterial cells and interfere with the permeability of bacterial cell membrane, hinder the function of alpha-ketoglutarate and succinate dehydrogenase in the cycle of tricarboxylic acid, and inhibit the function of phosphorylase in energy metabolism. It can be combined with various sulfur-containing enzymes in cells to inactivate them, thus inhibiting the growth of microorganisms.

3. Formic acid can inhibit and inactivate salmonella, fungi, clostridium and gram-positive bacteria. It can not only inhibit bacteria but also improve the intake of animal food and nitrogen deposition.

4. Under the condition of pH4, lactic acid and formic acid showed certain antibacterial effect on escherichia coli, lactic acid can not only improve the palatability of feed but also promote the growth and reproduction of lactobacillus


1. Purify and clean drinking water, cleaning water pipe line, remove biofilm, anti-bacteria.

2. Lower the water pH to inhibit the phycophyta.

Synergy and strong Sterilization. It can kill kinds of pathogenic bacteria,killing rate of salmonella and escherichia coli reached over 95%.lessen antibacterial drugs usage, can substitute for part antibiotic in animal feed.

4. Keep the balance of intestinal micropopulation, kill harmful bacteria, promote beneficial bacteria multiply, promote intestinal tract health.

5. Strong attractant, acidize the stomach and intestine, lower intestinal PH

6. Strong body, enhance digestion and absoption, lessen medicine and prevent disease.

7. Promote growth. Activate digestive enzymes, improves protein and fat digestibility, promote animal growth. 

8. Anti-heat stress. Relieve respiratory alkalosis from high temperature.

9. It can enhance mineral (Ca, P) absorption,better eggshell quality,improve laying rate.

10. It can stop mildew growth, prevent gland muscle gastritis

11. Strengthen layer corporeity: reduce diarrhoea and cage layer fatigue.

12. Reduce ammonia emission to reduce respiratory disease and better farm environment.


1. This product adopts of buffered formula technology with ammoniation and esterification to convert the normal small molecule organic acid from corrosive into non-irritant, which are mild and friendly to animal and equipment. With the buffered system, it could stably and continuously release acidity, and keep the effective pH value in intestinal tract. 

2. It adopts special treatment ammoniation on formic acid to make formate salt, which eliminate the pungent smell. In this way, the acidifier can avoid the disadvantage of formic acid, it has advantages as followed:

-Prevent the volatilization of organic acid.

-Avoid the irritation of formic acid or propionic acid for intestinal tract and equipments.

-Slow release in gastrointestinal tract. it will release 35% in stomach, and then 65% in intestine of animal

-No pungent smell.

3. Esterification technology make acidifier have more excellent palatability, less irritant and more attractive for animal, which could improve feed intake and disgestion. After mixing with feed, it make feed better taste, more attractive for animal, more digestive, also eliminate mold in feed to extend shelf life effectively.     

4. Every particle acid contains equal acid component.

5. Inhibit and kill all kinds of mucedine, salmonella and escherichia coli etc, lessen antibacterial drugs usage, can substitute for part antibiotic in animal feed.

6. It is safe as a natural feed antimicrobial, mould inhibitor and growth promoter, non-toxic, no harm, no side-effect, no drug residues and no drug resistance for animal.


It's suitable for poultry and pig driking water, can be directly add in water to animal drink in the poultry and pig farm.

Recommended dosage: 

For pig

1.Sow: From 20 days before farrowing to the end of the lactation, continuous use, 1.0Kg/ton water;

2.Piglet: During the baby period, continuous use, 1.5Kg / ton water;

3.Fattening pig: Condition changed, continuous use 7 to 10 days, 1.0Kg / ton water;

4.In high temperature season and the temperature difference large between day and night, continuous use, 1.5Kg/ton water, 10 hours per day.

5. Spray disinfection: 200 times dilution and then spray pigpen.

For poultry:

1.Broiler and egg chickens: 1.0-1.5 kg /ton water, 3 -4 days / week.

2.Laying period: 1.0 - 2.0 kg/ ton water, 3 - 4 days/ 2 weeks.

3.Transfer period: 1.5-2.0 kg/ ton water, continuously one week.

4.1n the high infection season: dilute 1:200 times, spray.

Packaging and delivery


500mL/bottle, 1000mL/bottle, 5kg/drum


25kg/drum, 25kg/carton, 200kg/drum, 1000kg/IBC drum or as requirements


If 25kg/carton, 1000kg/40carton/pallet


One 20'GP can contain 10 tons if carton

Port of loading

Qingdao or any port of China as requirements


Stored 18 months sealed in a cool, dry and airy place.

Delivery time

10-20 days shipment after signed contract


By Express

By Air

By sea

By land

Suitable for under 50kg
Fast: 3-7 days
High cost
Door to door service
Easy to pick up the goods

Suitable for more than 50kg
Fast: 3-7 days
High cost
Port to port service
Professional broker needed

Suitable for more than 500kg
Slow: 7-45 days
Low cost
Port to port service
Profissional broker needed

Suitable for more than 500kg
When by sea can not arrive at you, you can select land transportation, by train or by motor

General speaking, EMS, TNT, DHL, UPS by express, by air and by sea is main shipping terms.
By express for quantity less than 50kg cargo, also called DDU service
By sea for quantity over 500kg
By air is available for above 50kg
For high value products, please select air shipping or DHL express for safe
If the cargo quantity is more than 500kg, but by sea can not arrive at you, please select land transportation, by train or by motor.

Organic Acidifier
feed acidifier for drinking
acidifier for poultry farm
feed acidifier
liquid acidifier
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