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1.Export product and service
Start from animal antibiotics replacer, we will provide more feed additive products for animal health and safe.

2.Provide the best solution for animal nutrition, health and safety
Over 10 years rich experience of feed additives industry will provide the best solution of animal health and safety to you.
3.One-stop service
With a full range of products, we can provide to distributors, feed mills and farmers in the world with most of products they need. All products can be purchased at one time without any additional purchase.
4.Make mixed shipment with different items
We can provide to make shipment mixed containers with different mixed items in one container, save your transportation cost.
5.As a purchasing agent
We are very familiar with feed additive industry in China, have more than 10 years experience, if you need many kinds of products, we would like to become your purchasing agent in China and looking for the products you need and arrange to export.
6.OEM/ODM is available
If you have yourself brand or formula in your country, you can tell us your detailed requirements, OEM/ODM is ok, we can accept customized products for you.
7.Cross-industry procurement is ok
Except for feed additive products, if you need other industry product, we can purchase them together in China for you.
8.Cultural exchange
We know well Chinese traditional culture, if you are interest in them, we are willing to make friends all over the world, gather wise and talented man to create a platform of Sino-foreign business cooperation and culture exchange, so as to make business cooperation and cultural exchange easier. You can appreciate the extensive and profound Chinese culture and enjoy the spiritual feast of Chinese culture while completing business cooperation

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WhatsApp & Line : +86-13573136709
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Address : Room 1009 Fengli Building, 318 Quancheng Road, Jinan, China.
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